Star Wars Light Saber

Custom LED Lightsaber Light Saber Prop

Custom LED Lightsaber Light Saber Prop

Custom LED Lightsaber Light Saber Prop   Custom LED Lightsaber Light Saber Prop

Advanced Light Weaponry is the premiere saber maker in the world. ALW sabers are the most detailed and realistic props you'll find anywhere. I make individually hand-crafted sabers, with the highest quality designs and materials. Each saber is a one of a kind, functional piece of artwork.

No two are exactly alike. The hilt is made from high carbon steel, and can endure the rigors of hard dueling. The emitter plates and grip plate are heat colored chrome. The main body is painted in a mottled and textured series of paints.

The coloration is a bronze that gradates to goldish brass. The rear grip reinforcement plate and activator plate are in textured black with heavy weathering. Sections of the exposed steel have also been chemically rust blued. The steel pommel has a gold button set into it. The belt connector is a chromed steel D-ring, which is the most secure way to keep your saber on your belt.

The blade set-screw is hand cut, and is capped with a knurled chromed knob, which will allow you to tighten down the blade in the socket by hand, for light use. To secure the blade for hard use or dueling, you just need to use a pair of pliers (not included) to add half turns onto the blade, which will keep the blade in place if you plan on really putting the saber through its paces.

The saber uses three standard AAA batteries (not included), with easy access to the battery pack through the threaded pommel. The steel blade socket is approximately three inches deep. The LED is a High Intensity Luxeon Rebel Star that is housed deep inside the steel hilt to protect it from shock and wear. The LED color is a Cyan. This Luxeon Rebel LED is extremely bright. It is a beautiful color that is a mixture of green and indigo. To the camera it looks more indigo, and to the eye it shows up with more of the pale green. A unique color, it can work for Light, Dark, or Gray Heroes. My blades are nearly indestructible, thick-walled, industrial grade polycarbonate. It is the highest quality polycarbonate available. The tips are specifically design and made to not break or fly off during hard use (many competitors' blade tips will break off from the shock of clashing the blade, so beware of cheap imitations). The reflective film I use is a high quality plastic that both reflects the light internally and diffuses the light into a soft colored glow.

The blade tips are staked in place and are made to handle the shock of full contact, martial arts level fighting. The outer diameter of the blade is 1 and the overall length of the blade shaft is 37 inches. It will stick out of the hilt's emitter at around 33 inches in length. The length of the blade is made to give the saber perfect balance and allow the user great freedom of movement and control when using the saber.

Saber Type: LED Combat saber with Combat Blade. Blade Type: 1"x37" L thick-walled polycarbonate (33 out of the emitter). ALW sabers are the most durable hilts and blades on the market. I have been making custom sabers since 2003 (I'm one of the first people to ever produce functional light up sabers), and my work is known for its durability, balance, ergonomics, and artistic beauty. The pictures don't do these sabers justice. They are truly functional fine art that will last you a life time of enjoyment.

My saber designs are made to look great in a collection, feel great in the hands, and function exceptionally well on stage or anywhere you decide to use them. They're perfect for film making projects, conventions, cosplay events, or within your art and prop collection. Each piece is made one at a time, by hand, and tested repeatedly for proper balance, feel, and looks. This item is in the category "Collectibles\Science Fiction & Horror\Star Wars Collectibles\Lightsaber & Weapon Replicas".

The seller is "riartist" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  1. Brand: Advanced Light Weaponry
  2. Movie: Any
  3. Series: Cosplay
  4. Type: Wand/Sword/Paraphernalia
  5. Character: Custom character
  6. Year: 2020
  7. Color: Green
  8. Featured Refinements: Custom Lightsaber
  9. Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  10. Modified Item: No
  11. Product Line: Combat Ready
  12. Vintage: No

Custom LED Lightsaber Light Saber Prop   Custom LED Lightsaber Light Saber Prop